Strategic Partnerships

Go-to-Market and Strategic Partner Development
Behr & Associates, in concert with the client Board and key Executive team members develops the focused Go-To-Market strategies targeting one or two key verticals/segments where a sustainable advantage may exist. After that, as appropriate, key Business Development partnership introductions are made, whether that be in North America, Europe, or Japan.

We identify and connect potential technology vendor alliances and partnerships that represent the most significant economic potential, and initiate discussions with these partners to accelerate the relationship. OEM, distribution, and strategic co-selling relationships are common short-term end results of these activities. A well executed Strategic Partnership strategy can result in corporate M&A activities in the intermediate term.

A well executed Strategic Partner relationship assists our clients in numerous ways. In many cases, a first Strategic Partner licensing, OEM, or licensing deal represents our clients' first "real deal" that can be leveraged into other large-scale licensing opportunities, assists in the debt-financing of the firm, attracts other equity-based capital, provides a potential exit vehicle, and all through a very cost-effective channel where the variable costs of the firm are not dramatically ramped-up.

Investment/Divestment/"Roll-Ups"/Mergers & Acquisitions
For established enterprises, investment firms, and owners, Behr & Associates frequently evaluates the many divisions/technologies of the target company or candidate companies themselves and recommends which ones to invest in further and which to divest. Many times these functions are performed for reviewing potential "roll-ups" or mergers of like companies, in like markets, where leveraging the revenues, costs, customers, and engineering can be achieved.

Patent Development / Protection
For promising Cleantech and Information technology companies to meet their fullest potential from licensing and potential liquidity events, a coherent and enunciated intellectual property protection and patent strategy is a fundamental. Behr & Associates has access to some of the leading Technology Patent Attorneys and Domain Experts in North America and Europe, providing its client base strong IP Patent Protection Strategies, thus creating strong defensible barriers to entry, and increasing the attractive and value of the overall firm.