Strategic Advisors

Strategic Management Personnel
If anything is clear in this industry, great people in key positions with key contacts generally mean the difference between success and failure. Relevant experience, execution orientation, and leadership skills are an exceedingly rare commodity in this market.

Behr & Associates has access to simply the best senior advisory talent in the Canadian, US, European, and Japanese marketplaces for key positions such as Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, Strategic Partnerships/Corporate Development, Sales (Major Account, Inside, Channel), Product Management, Development/Engineering/Architecture, and Finance and Administration.

All have senior pedigrees from some of the largest and most successful technology companies in the world. They each have significant and relevant experience in rapidly growing young promising firms into attractive acquisition targets. Further, with their broad network of contacts and relationships, relevant meetings and results are targeted and optimized.

Market Opportunity Assessment and Product Definition
Behr & Associates helps technology companies take advantage of growth opportunities by identifying unmet or underserved market/customer needs and create a detailed market segmentation and strategic partnership map. We clearly identify client firms' places to "Fish" and where "Not to Fish". We also assess the competitive landscape for a product or service, and the size of the market opportunity overall.

Before entering a market segment, Behr & Associates helps clients clarify their strategy, determine key players and potential partners, evaluate technology holes in the potential partner, and tightly define product requirements to meet that hole, through embedded offerings. Product definitions are defined, targeted, viable and defensible.

Technology and Strategic Partner Relationships
In today's challenging environment, leveraging a firm's technology through a partner is a base requirement for ongoing survival and success. That is never truer than for the Cleantech and Information Technology markets. The big players, to a large degree have already been defined, and to offer them enabling products, services, and technologies that help accelerate a large firm's product roadmap while leveraging their existing products and customers, is highly desirable.

Behr & Associates has relationships with many of the world's largest technology providers in the Cleantech and Information Technology markets. Whether it be the Manager responsible for the P&L of the targeted group, the Product Management team, or the Chief Technology Officer, Behr & Associates has many of the relationships that can be leveraged quickly for its clients.