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Closely tied to wireless and mobility is the location based services (LBS) and local search market. Top tier search engines all fashion themselves as local search providers but it will, in fact, be many years before they are able to provide relevant, accurate and timely search results. Directory search vendors are leading the way to drive LBS and local search solutions by merging and deduplicating multiple data sources and then combining them with GPS, navigation and collaboration to provide a true sense of locality, community and relevance.

LBS and local search providers fall into two predominant markets, those who are local directory providers who are expanding into advertising based local search and providers that are bringing local search to mobile platforms. Combining expertise working with wireless carriers, handset manufacturers, key ISV's , mapping and GPS vendors, Mobile OS vendors and mobile software developers gives Behr & Associates a unique perspective on what it takes to bring winning LBS/Local Search solutions to market. Some of our customers have won best in industry awards for their solutions. Let us show you how to drive monetization and rapidly build market presence for your solution.