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Industry insiders have long hailed the coming of cloud computing and cloud based storage solutions. Yet, up until recently, sales of blade based solutions with massive arrays of primary, secondary and tertiary storage have been lack luster. What was once thought of as the natural evolution of on-demand software has grown to become one of the key areas for growth for the IT industry for 2009 and 2010.

Enterprises, carriers and service providers see virtualization and networked storage as a solution that helps organizations to keep up with growing technical requirements without the need for highly leveraged capital expenditure. These virtual infrastructures enable organizations to rapidly scale their infrastructure as needed while maintaining alignment with budgetary constraints.

Behr & Associates works with leading cloud computing and cloud storage vendors such as NetApp, VMWare, IBM, Cisco, Dell, CA, Geminare and other key vendors to bring enterprise cloud solutions to market. Behr & Associates also works with key carriers and hosting providers to help our customers bring their cloud computing and storage solutions to their customers in real time.