Information Technology
Behr & Associates has direct experience working with the market leaders that have shaped and dominated today's information technology market. With over a century of combined experience in information technology, the partners at Behr & Associates have lived through the evolution of the tech industry from the startup phase several decades ago to the now mature market. With extensive world-wide experience building key infrastructure, wireless, application, and security hardware & software products for next generation networks, Behr & Associates has financed, built/engineered, operationalized, and made market leaders of numerous clients.

The information technology market has now matured and successful products/services that provide demonstrable value must also get to market in a timely and cost-effective, minimally-dilutive capital fashion. Behr & Associates can help companies to plan, research, patent, develop, and bring to the world-wide market products using a cross functional approach. Behr & Associates provides expertise to help information technology companies build winning strategies, build leveraged business-development partnerships, accelerate time to market, develop and protect intellectual property, and as applicable provide access to financial capital through our broad network.

Behr and Associates is uniquely positioned to guide its client companies through each step of that process, and it will do so with a full appreciation for where the industry has been as well as where it is likely to go next.