Clean Technology » Water
Water treatment and infrastructures in urban and rural centers across Canada, the US and Europe are under unprecedented capacity strain. While existing multi-stage biological water treatment processes are effective, they produce high levels of methane gas (generating green house gas), require a large physical footprint, take up to weeks to process, and are often land locked limiting expansion capabilities. Dumping raw or semi-treated waste-water, is no longer an option. As a result, rapidly growing cities face increasing pressure on their potable water sources and many areas have mounting water quality problems.

Behr & Associates works with early stage companies that bring unique water solutions to market. We have experience and focus on treatment of raw-sewage, bio-mass, sludge and water transport infrastructure. Targeted solutions reduce plant operation costs, improve scale, introduce portability and in some cases produce off gas such as hydrogen that may be used as adaptive power sources. Behr & Associates works closely with local and federal government agencies to provide access to funding, grants and pilot facilities. Moving beyond pilot phase, Behr & Associates works with large corporate entities to bring winning solutions to market on a leveraged basis.

Our focus on water technologies enables:

  • Improved safety, manageability and reliability of potable water sources and distribution infrastructure
  • Increase access to safe drinking water in regions where sustained delivery is a challenge.
  • Improve protection and management of critical infrastructure
  • Improve conservation.