Clean Technology » Electricity
The US, Canadian and European electrical power infrastructure system has done a good job of supplying business and consumers with reliable, sustainable power for almost 100 years. However, unprecedented population growth, increased levels of pluggable loads and economic growth has put the once reliable power grid under excessive strain and is reaching its limitations. The Federal US Government has formed the Federal Smart Grid Task Force under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 to coordinate activities to put a Smart Grid into place. The Smart Grid applies technologies, tools and techniques to bring intelligence to improve efficiencies, reliability and scale for electrical supply today and in the future. Behr & Associates works with small to mid-cap companies to bring Smart Grid solutions to market to:

  1. Improve and ensure reliable electrical grid operation
  2. Maintain affordable electrical supply
  3. Drive global competitiveness
  4. Integrate renewable and existing energy sources
  5. Reduce carbon footprint and produce carbon offsets as a financial instrument

Behr & Associates has extensive experience bringing Smart Grid enabling solutions to market. Behr & Associates works with organizations that have solutions to adapt existing electrical infrastructure (consumer, business, industry and utility) to reduce peak demand, improve power factors, reduce consumption and enable increased capacity. Behr & Associates looks to bring solutions to market that adapt traditional loads such as cooling, heating, lighting, pluggable loads to make them more scalable. This requires interaction with entrepreneurs, power authorities, governments, commercial and industrial partners.