Clean Technology
All you need do is take a look around you to realize the importance of the emerging clean technology industry. On a daily basis we read news on companies and governments looking for ways to cut operational costs through reduced energy consumption and increased efficiencies. The challenge is that most of the infrastructure we use on a daily basis is antiquated and has not been updated in 25 to 75 years. Globally, organizations are looking for ways to adapt aged control systems to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and cut carbon footprint.

In 2008, the Clean Technology sector represented seven of the ten largest, venture capital deals of the year in the United States. This sector experienced phenomenal growth with over $4.1 billion invested in 277 institutional deals; this represents a 52% growth in dollars and a 16% growth in deal volume. Federal and local governments are accelerating their investment involvement in these Clean Technology areas as well.

Federally funded initiatives and programs such as SmartGrid, Demand Response/ Demand Management and Carbon Offsets illustrate the importance of bringing new solutions to market that will foster new economic growth in the form of Enviro Capitalism. Behr & Associates is a pioneer in the clean technology industry; we have been working with emerging clean technology clients since 2005 to bring intelligence to traditional building infrastructures through the power of internet protocols and networking. Behr & Associates has extensive experience with SmartGrid solutions Hybrid Heating, Demand Management / Demand Response for Cooling, Lighting Electrical Load Reduction, and Water Filtration.