The Behr Story
Working in the Seattle/Redmond area in 1997, I realized that despite having superior "world-beating" technologies, countries & regions such as Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, India, and Israel were all at a geographic disadvantage relative to the "hubs" of technology like Silicon Valley, Seattle, or Japan. A superior technology is superior for only so long before others catch-up and overtake it. The vast amount of revenue is not made from the early technology market where small technology/engineering firms excel, but the early and mid-markets where major market-focused players tend to dominate. The "start-up" firms that generally do licensing/technology deals tend to be in geographic proximity to the large technology vendors and ultimately, the companies that are acquired. The "outsiders" have tended to stay out.

What if you could take the best technology available, regardless of geography, present it to the appropriate World-Scale Vendor, and license/leverage the product to both parties mutual benefit? Behr & Associates Inc. was formed to address this very specific opportunity. As a recognized Clean & Information Technology consulting practice we are focused on assisting promising early stage companies commercialize their technological innovations and speed time to market. We apply our intimate understanding of Information and Clean Technologies, fast-moving markets, and the major players moving those markets to assist our client firms.

Based in Toronto, Canada, our team of "business engineers" connect customers with the industry leaders, often making them worldwide standards themselves. In business since 2002, Behr & Associates has a strong history of creating wealth for shareholders and making promising technologies market leaders.

Albert Behr
Founder - Behr & Associates Inc.