Our Approach
Behr & Associates works directly with shareholders, founders, and management team members to focus investments in research & development, product management, business development and strategic marketing & sales on most relevant activities. We focus company's activities dramatically increasing the chances of success.

Obtaining product and market leadership, as well as providing strong shareholder returns and liquidity options are the core objectives of all of our engagements. This is accomplished through focused market analysis, product strategy planning, key strategic partner mapping & introductions, go-to-market planning, and initiation of worldwide licensing & revenue deals.

Client deliverables may include: strategic action plans, comprehensive budgeting & forecasting, focused go-to-market / strategic partner planning and comprehensive fund raising activities.

An ongoing team of world-class product management, strategic business development, channel sales (international & domestic) and marketing (corporate/field) are available to rapidly assist the client. Key implementation support includes hiring of key additions to the management team, operationalizing sales, marketing and product management planning, negotiating & signing licensing/distribution agreements, development of advisory and board of directors, and management of corporate activities.